Happy Halloween

2 scary pumpkins

Pumpkin fun!

Well tonight it’s Halloween and I thought I’d share a couple of our pumpkins we made last night.

Although I love to craft I am no artist by any means so I generally leave the pumpkin carving to my husband. However I did give one a go this year, having seen an easy looking design on Pinterest. My pumpkin is the one in the left and my husband’s on the right. I think they look pretty cute together.

For the first time we have used the led battery tea lights which I’ve never really liked the idea of but I have to say they are great. Not only are they safe but they flicker just like a real candle. I am seriously thinking of getting some to use at Christmas.

I must say I enjoyed carving this pumpkin and so I might give it another go next year and try something a little more complex.

This one my husband did last year. It looked  pretty awesome.

Pumpkin 2015

Have you been carving pumpkins? How did they turn out? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Halloween x


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