Simple DIY Gift Tags

How to make gift tags
Happy New Year!

Can I still call it new year???

No, I haven’t gone mad and started preparing for Christmas 2017 already (not quite yet) and no, this is not just another Christmas post I promise!


This Christmas I received lots of lovely comments when I gave out my handmade soaps and bath bombs, because I added some sweet final touches.

Along with packaging some of the gifts in my handmade Christmas bags (tutorial here), I decided to make some gift tags not just for the bags but for each soap as well, and to my surprise they were so so easy.

For these simple and quick to make tags you can use any scraps of card you have already plus some embellishments; random buttons and bows for example work well and they can be used for any occasion. How about the sweet little silver tag with red bow for Valentines Day?

In just a few short moments you can create a stash of gift tags for any occasion ready for use throughout the year. It’s pretty much as simple as cut a shape that you fancy, use a hole punch to add a hole, stick something pretty to it with glue or hot glue (I prefer hot glue as the embellishments don’t fall off), and then finish with a nice colour co-ordinating ribbon or string. You will notice that none of mine are exactly the same size and that’s because I wanted to make them quickly, and plus I hate having to measure things. I am sure you will do much better:)

Here’s how my soaps and bath bombs looked all wrapped and ready for their fabric bag. I was really pleased with them.


Here’s one of the fabric bags. Why not try making one of these for a birthday gift or a special occasion? Here’s how to make them.

Happy Crafting x






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